Olaf's Journal 2

Journal, Page 9
Into the irregulars

The day started off with me being signed up to a unit called the irregulars. Before this my time had been spent training when I found the opportunity. The unit was so called because it consisted of men who found no other place in the more formal units. I myself was placed into this unit because of typical Ice Kingdom fighting style, which functions better in small units in hit and run style tactics. Had I been placed into a more formal unit where formation was important I would have no doubt found that difficult, though I do still wonder where my unit is that I got separated from, perhaps when I return to the main camp I will ask about their location.

I found myself with several men (and one woman) though it seemed I was to be a part of the advance guard along with seven others, the rest stayed back with the captain, I assume to act as backup if we need it, maybe. The group is a mixed bunch, though the most notable at the moment is a man called Lu-Chin who seems to have some sort of death wish, unarmoured and unarmed he throws himself headlong into combat, though I give him his due in that he fights effectively this way, he strikes me as a brave soul who will eventually die a honourable death. Almost in contrast to Lu-chin is a man called Algûlsint, elvish name I am told but he wears metal armour and then stands back and throws javelins, rather ineffectively in an almost cowardly fashion.

Still overall the group seemed to work well though we lack holy men but hopefully this will not be too much of a disadvantage. We overcame a couple of small enemy units though I took some heavy blows in our last encounter and may not see another sunrise at this rate.

The only other noteworthy events both took place back at camp. I saw Ivor Grimmson in another unit. This is worrying as he is a sadistic bastard and no doubt wishes me ill will, or maybe he’s just trying to redeem his name in this war? I guess i should at least give him the benefit of the doubt; still i did not speak to him, for I have nothing to say to him.

The final thing of note is what a druid said to me. I said something like the beast within would not be subdued, or something like that I forget the exact words but is this in relation to me blackouts? Or something else? It troubles me.

Journal, Page 10
Going Underground

The few days have been a trying time. Things started off well, we entered the tower and quickly overcame its inhabitants with minimal casualties. However, arriving on the roof we had a good view of the current battle and it pains me to say that our army lost as we saw the king’s banner fall. I found out later it was the irregular unit who Ivor Grimmson is a part of that betrayed the King! I should have known and wished I had acted earlier. Eldrick quickly proposed another plan, one to take the flag (which I am told is a relic) to a wizard named Bane on the isle of bones. Personally I feel this is a foolish plan but to aid our escape into underground caverns (which connected to the tower) Eldrick held the line by staying back, so because the man sacrificed himself with such honour I now feel honour bound to do as he says; maybe this will help lift my current misdeeds and sins?

We travelled underground to encounter some dwarves who gave us directions out; the dwarf in our party seemed to be particularly prejudiced against these dwarves, something to do with green vs. winter, Dwarven politics I suspect. In addition, while in the tunnels we found the burial place of an old Northland’s king, however evil magic’s were afoot and a guardian statue came to life and tired to kill us! However though excellent team work we quickly dispatched the foe. I however, am ashamed to admit I failed to lay a blow on the creature, maybe through uncertainty of what it was for I had not see such a strange guardian and I also took a near fatal blow, but as luck would have it we previously had found some healing elixirs earlier and they restored my health. During this battle one of the irregulars fell, leaving us down to nine.

The only other noteworthy point is that we ambushed an imperial caravan with Northlandic prisoners and stole their armour and horses which we plan to use to infiltrate the city and there was a sighting of a man in white on a horse, though who this is I do not know but the imperials seemed to fear him. I also noted that LU-Chin has a good tactical mind but Pordrum failed to follow sound advice but luckily his actions did not cost us the mission or our lives.

Finally I wonder, now that the Imperials have won the battle for the lower Northlands, are they to march on up to the north? Where Skive is? And then what? Lernvig? I worry for my loved ones and I pray to Odin they are safe…

Olaf's Journal 2

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