Olaf Wulfenson

Olaf is a powerfully built individual standing at 6'5'' and weighting over 200lbs. He has blue eyes and blond hair and looks like the typical fictional Norse


Name: Olaf Wulfenson
Player: Karl Vance
Ability scores: Str: 16, Dex: 12, Con: 16, Int: 10, Wis: 12, Cha: 10
HP: 30, AC: 16 (Touch: 11, FF: 16), Move: 30, Initiative: 1,
Saves: Fort: +6, Ref: +1, Will: +1
Attacks: Battleaxe: +5/1d8
3, Dagger (thrown): 3/1d43, Shortbow: 3/1d6
Skills: (trained skills only): Climb: 2 (5 with no armour), Craft: Shipwright +2, Intimidate +5, Listen +5, Survival +6, and Swim -2 (
7 with no armour).
Feats: Endurance, Toughness,
Special: Barbarian Strength, Uncanny Dodge, Fast Movement,

Extended DD

Olaf is an impressive individual. Olaf is no doubt from pure Ice Kingdom stock. He stands at a height of 6’ 5’’ and easily weights in at around 220lbs. His hair is so brilliantly blond its almost white, long and in braids around the edge and a large plait at the back, all tied with brightly coloured cloth of varying greens and reds, around his mouth he supports a goatee. His eyes are a gleaming ice blue that at times seems to stare through people; it’s this one trait, almost more than any other is what puts people sometimes on edge around him even though he is a somewhat attractive individual. His skin is pale except for around his cheeks and nose where they bitter cold wind of the planes has found its mark leaving them usually a rosy red.

His clothing like most that support the Ice Kingdom dress is simple, though due to the importance of his house it’s of a somewhat finer cloth than a lot of the other villagers. It consists of simple cloth blue bottoms and a similar style cloth blue tunic top, embroidered around the edge of the neck and cuffs on the top are Ice Kingdom style designs, upon his feet are sturdy leather boots and finally around his neck and wrists are Ice Kingdom style jewellery made of gold. (Family air looms passed on down through the generations).

When kitted for battle he appears quite different. His armour is a mix of various animal skins riveted together with animal’s bones helping to protect the most vulnerable areas and even though it looks primitive it is well made, his feet still supports sturdy reinforced leather boots, but gone are the jewellery and his hair is tied back into a pony tail or is sometimes left lose. His arms are usually a large wooden well used shield with runic images of protection in battle and a well looked after battle axe with runic symbols for good luck and prowess in battle carved down the haft.

His mannerisms vary. Around the village he is calm and slow to anger usually keeping to himself, or sometimes wondering off around the outskirts of the village. In battle or when a friend is in danger he becomes a force to be reckoned with, pursuing all whom endanger his loved ones. However, whispered in the shadows is the rumour that he has a violent rage deep within and on occasions is known for losing that temper in a murderous rage.


In the back of Olaf’s journal is a folded up piece of paper, should one look it seems Olaf has written his past down upon and tucked it away into the back.

I am writing this and keeping it in the back of my diary for several reasons, some events I feel should be recorded down for future generations, nobody else in my family does this, least not that I am aware off and oral tradition is only so good, as time goes on facts get changed, so least, from my point of view these facts shall remain set on this paper for time immemorial. Another reason is should something ever happen to me, with this bit of history plus my journal people will know of my story and maybe people will avoid the mistakes I have made but also, in hope people may be inspired to take on a life of glory and adventure all of their own…

My name is Olaf Wulfenson, named after one of the original founders of my village. My family is one of the few pure bloods left in my village and though I have no doubt that on occasion some Northlander blood has mixed with ours it is too few and far between to make any difference to the strength of my family’s blood.

My family name latterly means son of the wolf, this is from the legend that Wulfen was one of the blessed of the Ice Kingdom who could take on the form of a powerful wolf or simply take upon the characteristics of it. However, if this is an actual ability to turn into a wolf (or even other animals) I do not know.

I live in the small village of Lernvig, I have lived here all my life and it is a mix of Ice Kingdomers and Northlanders due to its proximity to the Ice Kingdom and Northlander boarders and due to border shifts in the past had been both a part of the Ice Kingdom and the Northland though is currently belonging to the Ice Kingdom. The children born are few and I have only a handful of friends my age, my closest are Sigmund and Royd who also consider themselves to be Ice Kingdom residents.

I was born 24 winters ago and was in fact born at the end of summer though it was a cold summer with little crops I am told, I am also told it was a tough year as the winter hit with a blizzard and I nearly died from the cold though I was blessed by the sun for I have always been resistant to the cold from an inner warmth. I feel at times I have had a privileged existence, I say this because my family is in effect nobility I would even go as far as to say royalty within our village and the tribes. Being still of pure blood many look up to us and almost put us at times on a iconic pedestal as well as allowing us some freedom (it also imposes restrictions of conduct mind) my family also owns a lot of land, in fact they are one of the largest land owners within our village, this and the fact my father is one of the counsel elders has meant I get to do almost as I please so long as I don’t sully the family name.

I have always been blessed with health, I have rarely ever had a illness, not even a cold. As I grew up I did many of the labour jobs (even though my birth right could have excused me from such but I felt this should not be). I also developed in the way of a man earlier than most kids, this of course gave me some advantage over many of the other kids (and the older ladies if you know what I mean).

My family is relatively big for such a small village, there is my father, Caedmon Wulfenson, whom is still alive and head of the shipwright guild (total members 7 from all 3 fishing villages including myself) and one of the counsel elders. My mother, Yrsa Wulfenson died giving birth to my younger sister when I was eighteen (she in life was a seamstress) and finally my younger sister Deorwyn Wulfenson (whom is currently six years old and is mostly looked after by her wet nurse Eostre, she was a good friend of my mothers and so was allowed by my father to look after my sister alongside her own daughter, Eir and they get to live in our house, her husband was killed by an Northlander from another village some five miles away over a grudge, the said Northlander was cast out into the wilderness).

It was around the age of eighteen that I got into some serious trouble and to this day I feel I was misguided maybe in part from my mother’s death though in part I learnt my lesson well. What happened was I got in with a gang from the neighbouring villages; it was me, an older lad called Ivor and another boy around my age called Pavvo. I had heard they was trouble makers but at the time I cared little, I guess my mother’s death affected me much deeper than I had realised at the time though being a typical lad I would never have talked about it. There was this Northlander over at a village called Skive that had by all accounts been beating up kids though now I wonder if it was just some excuse that Ivor made up as a reason to do what we did. He decided to teach this Northlander a lesson and we tracked him down and found him alone in the field (his family was exceptionally poor I found out later), he was a large lad though a mix of fat and muscle, he had a round face, almost soft to look at it, to be honest thinking back I think he would have never harmed a fly but we never gave him the chance to speak up. We leapt upon him and beat him to a bloody pulp, within a inch of his life, afterwards I realised what we did and we all ran though I still recall the look on both the boys face (that of total fear, he even wet his pants) and of Ivor (total satisfaction). Ivor then kicked the lad as both I and Pavvo ran off. I went to my father and confessed what we had done, it later turned out that Ivor had left the lad almost dead and near crippled, (I hope he healed up well, I have never heard of or seen the lad since), I got off light as it was my first offence, the fact my mother had just died and because of whom my father was though I lived in shame for many months. Pavvo was put in stocks and branded on his back and Ivor? Branded on his face and cast out never to be seen again.

Though when I was nineteen I actually managed to redeem myself somewhat, though I was never quite sure how my father felt about the following event. Some travellers came, well, other villagers from a settlement in the northern forest , as usual during trading, the visiting villagers are put up by the villagers in the village they are visiting, in this case they brought wood and we supplied fish from the local lake. My father had to put up a Northlandic man called Koli the Honest and his daughter Lifa the Sweet and it turned out they lad I had helped to beat up was the cousin of Lifa. Why the council decided to put them up in my father’s house, especially after the incident only a year earlier I will never know but I am glad they did, though not too glad at the time let me assure you. Anyway to say the father and daughter were none too pleased is an understatement but for that I cannot blame them.

One day when they was staying I was out and I heard a scream, going to investigate I saw Lifa cornered by a large wolf, foam dripped at its mouth indicating it had caught the madness, a rare seen illness but when caught sends the afflicted into a terrible rage, it can be cured but only if caught in time or through rare magic’s. without hesitation I grabbed my ice axe and with little concern for myself I tackled the beast in an attempt to save the girl, who fled when the wolf was distracted, but however I had no choice then but to fight for my very life! What happened next I do not know, I awoke on the shamans table in the village. I was told Lifa had gone back for help and they found me near dead, bleeding heavy and unconscious, had she not got back in time I would most certainly not have made it, the wolf was found a couple of hundred yards away dead having been torn apart limb from limb. I was treated, bandaged up and given a foul smelling liquid to drink to ensure I did not become afflicted with the rage, Somewhat afraid that I had already caught the madness due to my blackout the shaman said not to worry, the madness takes time so whatever happened it was something else, he also mentioned what I did was a noble sacrifice and hopefully he said it will redeem me for the beating year earlier. He said it did in his eyes at least.

While I was resting Lifa came to visit me with her father, and they both apologised to me with how they treated me, I explained they was in the right, what I did was wrong with the boy and I could not blame them for hating me, he explained however the village of Skive that he came from would hear of this and I would always be welcome at his house. They left me with a medicinal pouch to bring me luck and help with my healing (the pouch I still keep to this day) and then left and said that they hoped I visit them soon. (Which I did, and Lifa and I are now good friends, I am please to say she got married to a nice Ice Kingdom lad from her village called Ashby).

The most modern day event (other than my recent becoming a man at the winter festival) was the attack on my house, it happened just after my ninetieth birthday, two strangers clad in black broke into my father’s house and attempted to kill my little sister, all that stopped them was Eostre, who just happened to be checking in on her, now let me explain Eostre, she is a BIG woman, hell even a large man like myself would think twice before taking her on, when the intruders walked into the room she screamed (powerful lungs let me tell you) and then attacked the clad intruders to protect the girl. Of course the whole house woke up, chaos ensured and I am ashamed to say the intruders escaped. However, one of the masks did get pulled off to revealed a scared Northlandic man with raven black hair and a scar on his right side, nobody knows who he is and he has not been seen since.

Of late is has come to our villages attention that the Red Kingdom and the Northlands are at war. Currently the Ice Kingdom is neutral in this affair but my father pledged his loyalty to assisting the nearby village is Skive in the Northlands and as such as sent over 50 men to assist in the village’s defences. I myself have volunteered to help since I have close friends there and though nervous realise that should the Northlands fall the Ice Kingdom may well be next. Royd is not coming and he’s pledged to ensure my family is safe and Sigmund being the next village shaman cannot leave the village.

And so I march to war.

Olaf Wulfenson

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