Algûlsint (An Elvish word whose closest translation means The Unknown) appears to be a typical mercenary, his worn armour and shield bearing the old Imperial crest.


There are many reasons to go to war. The acquisition of land, the promise of fame and fortune, or simply because it is all you’ve ever known. Algûlsint joined the war to protect his loved ones from a ravaging orc horde who left only destruction in their wake. He was good at it; at least that’s what he always thought.

Of course he wasn’t Algûlsint then. Little is known of the man struck down when the armies of the Imperium fought back. And little heed was paid to the dying and dead that day. But the Elves saw…

The battle was fierce, as all battles are involving Orcs. Tactics so cleverly worked out fell apart when they charged wildly towards the Imperial lines. Confusion broke out. The front ranks, unable to hold back the wave of green bodies, crumbled.

Algûlsint saw the orc brute coming, but his fear was not for the creature, but for the sword it held. He knew it; he even knew its name. Belamoth. Strange, he thought, as he fell amongst his comrades; that a sword of such evil would yield so little pain.

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