The Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom is the straggling remnants of once all powerful human realm. It was founded when the city state of Rolium conquered its neighbours and the Rolium chieftain, Arios, declared himself King. Ther ancient city of Rolium was renamed Arios in his honour. The Kingdom grew over the centuries under the control of King Arios’ heirs. The Kingdom expanded westward, over the sea and as far as the great marshes of the far west. For over a hundred years the organised Rolium military was unbeaten on the battlefield, and the Kingdom prospered.

Unfortunately it could not last. After the bloody death of King Samam a bitter dispute between the twins and heirs Barcus and Dulcus split the Kindgom in two, and the two landmasses became the west and east of the Kingdom each controlled by one of the brothers. Barbaric tribes of the Northlands and the Island chieftains began to rise up against the Rolium empire and its power and influence dwindled. Barcus held the city of Arios, but was ultimately murdered by his cousin. A dispute over who was the next rightful heir has lasted right through until the present day.

Dulcus patiently rebuilt the west of the Kingdom, from his capital at Port Garros. Dulcus declared himself Emperor of the the known world. Now, a hundred years later, the fate of Dulcus is unknown. However his Empire remains, known as The Red Empire after the blood soaked banner flown by his Imperial Horde.

Meanwhile civil war ravaged the original cities of the Kingdom. Several individual tried to take control, but the dispute just got more bloody and the devastation ravaged the land. During this time the lands of the Old Kingdom turned from lush and fertile farm land to a dangerous wasteland. It is unknown what caused this happen, although some talk of creatures from the other world inhabiting the wide wastes.

Only three cities of note survive. Arios, a fraction of its previous self, Temneion and Pleonix. Each is ruled by a local chieftain who has declared himself King, and each periodically attacks the others in a perpetual and hopeless civil war. The Red Empire has in recent years extended itself eastward and now controls the western half of the old lands.

The Old Kingdom

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