Lifa the Sweet

A charming girl with a cunning sense of humour, she gained the unofficial nickname 'Sweet' because of the smile she would give after a prank.


(Northlander heritage) – daughter to Koli the Honest and friend to Olaf Wulfenson, 24 years old, (Skive, North Lands).


A girl with a great sense of humour, twenty years of age and is married to a young man from her village in the woods to the north. A cute more than pretty girl with an almost boyish charm, a winning smile, little nose and big dark eyes, she has quick reflexes and an even quicker wit which has got her into trouble on more than one occasion. It was suspected that Olaf and Lifa might become an item as they are quite close but this was never fated to be. Still they both agree that they most certainly make better friends that they would ever make as lovers though many in Lifa’s village disagree with that and thinks Lifa’s choice of husband is a poor one.

Lifa the Sweet

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