• Algûlsint


    Algûlsint (An Elvish word whose closest translation means The Unknown) appears to be a typical mercenary, his worn armour and shield bearing the old Imperial crest.
  • Haaken The Bloodyfisted

    Haaken The Bloodyfisted

    A tall but rangy North lander, with long black hair and the start of a beard.
  • Lu-Chin


    A lithe 18 year old human caucasian male dressing in robes of yellow and green. Has an elaborate tattoo covering his left sholder and running up his neck to blanket the left side of his face. The design appears to incorperate some strange unknown runes
  • Olaf Wulfenson

    Olaf Wulfenson

    Olaf is a powerfully built individual standing at 6'5'' and weighting over 200lbs. He has blue eyes and blond hair and looks like the typical fictional Norse